Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stay tuned...

Early in the morning on Thursday, March 9, Chari Kruse & Laura Avitt have committed to taking all of us to Omaha for our flight to Houston.  Oddly enough, it was going to save all of us $200 a piece to fly from there and we return to Des Moines on Thursday, March 16.  It's above and beyond the call of duty to pick us up in the church parking lot at 5 am on any morning of the year, so a big THANK YOU goes to Chari & Laura!

Traveling this year from Trinity are:
Nick Van Dam
Leighia Van Dam
Rae Pooley
Mike Paxson
Kim Grissom
Maurice Dyer
Betty Dyer

From Union Park Presbyterian in Des Moines:
Joyce Rash

From First Presbyterian in Des Moines:
Leslie Mettler

From First Presbyterian in San Benito, TX:
LeAnn Hewitt
Kate Scaief

We are thrilled to have a Trinity & Friends delegation once again! It's what this mission is all about - sharing it with as many friends as possible!

Stay tuned...we'll write more later.

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