Thursday, February 23, 2017

Our Upcoming El Salvador Trip

On March 9, 2017 a group of eleven friends will be traveling to El Salvador.  These friends are all part of a Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Indianola, Iowa delegation.  However, there are others churches represented in this delegation.  We have the privilege of including one friend from First Presbyterian Church and Union Park Presbyterian Church in Des Moines, as well as two friends from First Presbyterian Church in San Benito, Texas.  Seven of us are Trinity members.  And only two of us have taken this trip prior to this one.  Nine of us are taking this trip for the very first time.

We are traveling to the town of Berlin, Usulutan, El Salvador after landing in San Salvador.  From there we will be visiting two very small communities with which Trinity has a sister relationship.  These are the small communities of Casa de Zinc and Casa de Zacate where we have many, many sisters and brothers in Christ.

You may check in daily to read of our adventures once we begin our trip.  We will share the responsibilities of blogging so you should get to hear from most of us.  Thanks for caring and for keeping these eleven friends in your prayers during our travels.
Betty Dyer

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  1. I wish you all very safe travels. I am extremely jealous that you are going without me.LOL My hope is to make a future trip with a delegation going during the rainy season. To the first time travelers..... you will come back changed forever. God bless you all. Betty, please say "Hello" for me! Love you, Cheryl